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Rebuilding the Ariel

Memoir of a life with two wheels

Daniel Talbot, the creator of Motorshed Cafe, has a long-held passion for all things two wheels, including motorcycles, bicycles and even a replica antique Penny Farthing. This book weaves together anecdotes and memories of a passionate life, one rich in a tapestry, which details Daniel’s dedication to the people and machines from which he draws inspiration and nourishment. Daniel has written a book from the heart that will entertain and surprise people from all walks of life.

A great read with your favourite cuppa!

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Our Mustang Hits the Road

Our Mustang Hits the Road

Every time I put my foot down hard at under 40 mph in this muscled Mustang, it sounded like ten vestal virgins being raped simultaneously.  Actually it was only the tyres (Bryan Hanrahan, Modern Motor, 1966).  The things you could say in 1966!  We'll get back to Bryan...

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