Here at the Motor Shed Café we are passionate about all things classic, mainly motorcycles, but also cars, furniture, music, etcetera.   Oh yes, and we like a good coffee too!

It is the intention of the Motor Shed to provide a meeting place, a peak inside our workshop, and a metaphorical camp-fire for people who want to come and look at and talk about our twin passions of cars and bikes.   I like nothing better than being in my workshop bringing treasures from the last century back to life, but I also enjoy sharing my passion and projects with others.

Maybe you have the time and space to breath life into old relics yourself. Or maybe you are content just to watch others skin their knuckles and get grease under their nails. Whatever your inclination we welcome you to the Motor Shed Café and hope that you enjoy following our various restoration journeys.

There will be features on projects from within and from outside the Motor Shed Cafe. We enjoy travelling near and far to visit motorcycle racing events, bike and car shows, hill climbs and other gatherings where people like yourself are known to congregate.

It is the beauty of the modern electronic age that has allowed us to develop this virtual café stop where you can join us and share in the beauty of the machines from the past that very much shape our future.