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Rebuilding the Ariel part II

Rebuilding the Ariel Part II  This is the second instalment from “Rebuilding the Ariel,” available on this site in eBook format.    Given this is only our second excerpt from Rebuilding the Ariel it is perhaps timely to have a brief discussion around the origins of...

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BSA Rocket 3 rebuild part II

1971 BSA Rocket 3 Things are moving slowly forward with the Rocket rebuild. Since we last discussed this project I’ve received a few bits and pieces back and suffered a bit of a shock where I was least expecting it. Let’s look and the shiny new bits first. Having...

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Mustang Rebuild Part IV

In Part III of the Mustang rebuild we left off with the floor welded into the skeletal remains of our 66 Mustang coupe. I saw this as a major step forward. The body was braced, the floor was in, what could possibly go wrong? It was time to get cutting. Recall one does...

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